Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spelling Words/ Topics of week

January 22-25, 2013
English/ Language Arts –
Write a quad genius paragraph on any topic (four strong, super extender sentences on a great topic)   DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 25TH
Study Spelling Words-below, yellow, elbow, rainbow, snow, sorrow, arrow, plow, flowers, growling, powder, shower, meow, chow, your SPELLING TEST FRIDAY – JANUARY 25th
Review proper nouns, introduce persuasive writing (Next week our writing assignment will be to write a persuasive friendly letter.)    

                Fantastic Five review 61- 70
                FANTASTIC FIVE TEST Thursday , January 24th 
                Super Speed Addition OR Subtraction OR Multiplication – review Double Digit addition Problems
               Money – review coins and counting money to $1.00
Science –
Mixtures and Solutions– Chapter 6 Lesson  – Test Friday, January 24th 
Listening and Learning
Fighting for a Cause –Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Freedom on the Menu – The Greensboro Sit-ins, Martin Luther King, Jr.