Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prior to SCS

I have always been a teacher at heart.  I have taught people how to organize their pictures and journal their life stories as a Creative Memories Consultant.  For over a decade, I have taught group fitness classes.  I have taught Sunday School classes.  And for the past few years I have taught children in public schools.

I still haven't decided which grade is my favorite.  I enjoyed teaching 5th grade, because the conversations were rich and the students could grasp bigger concepts.  But I also enjoyed 1st grade,  because the concepts were simpler.  Last year, I was privileged to teach in a kindergarten classroom.  Children are so affectionate and say the sweetest and silliest things.  As a teacher, you can see so much growth, especially in kindergarten.  At every age, my favorite part of teaching is the "aha" moment.  When the light bulb turns on and a student suddenly understands something in a new way.