Saturday, July 21, 2012

Specials Schedule

The blue group will go to related arts from 9:00 am to 10:30 am
The green group will go to related arts from 1:30 to 3:00 pm

Monday -           PE         Art
Tuesday -           Yoga     Chinese
Wednesday -      PE         Chinese
Thursday -         Yoga       Music
Friday -              PE          Character Education

Friday, July 20, 2012

"During class I will be rewarding a mark in the smiley section for procedures performed well. When I reward students with a smiley for their performance, I involve the kids in a really fun way. I will walk to the board, raise my marker and address the class.
One second party!” I will make a mark in the smiley section then point to the students. They will respond by clapping and throwing their hands in the air and yelling “Oh, Yeah!
But there is a dark side here. Can you feel the tremor in the Force? Because, as you know, kids do not always do what they are asked to do (Gasp!). When this happens the frowny strikes!
I will walk to the board and add a mark to the frowny column. Loudly proclaim, “Mighty Groan!” and point to the class. They must lift and then drop their shoulders and groan loudly! Since they are getting to make noise in class it is usually nearly as enthusiastic as the one second party (also known as, the Mighty Oh, Yeah!)  
 The entire purpose of this is to reinforce positive behavior in a fun, upbeat, positive environment. Second, while this method will work for most of the kids, it may not work for some."  White practice cards, purple praise cards, guff counters, independents, bulls eyes, and agreement bridges are additional ways to help students perform well in the classroom.  (All of these elements are explained on the website.)  
Our Daily Itinerary
The tardy bell will ring at 8 am.  Students will make their lunch choice, complete morning work, and listen to the morning announcements.
8:15  IAT
9:00 Half the class (Blue group) will go to P.E.
        The other half (Green group) will complete Core Knowledge Language Arts
9:45 Half the class (Blue) will go to Art
       The other half (Green) will learn Math
10:30  Recess and Lunch
11:15  Listening and Learning
12:00 Science and/ or Social Studies
12:45 Snack Time - finish listening and learning
1:25  Half the class (Green group) will go to PE
         The other half (blue group) will complete Core Knowledge Language Arts
2:10  Half the class (Green group) will go to Art
         The other half (blue group) will learn Math
3:05  Pack up and listen to afternoon announcements
3:15  Dismissal

I can statements!  Each week, I will post what the students will be learning in math, ELA, and either social studies or science.  By the end of the week each student should be able to proudly say each of the I can statements, because he of what he has learned.
I have 23 boys in my class.  Six boys celebrate their birthday in April!  Four boys celebrate their birthday in February.  That's almost half the class in those two months.
When students need to make a special trip to the bathroom, nurse, or office; they will simply sign their name and write down the time they left and the place they are going.  When they return, they will write down the time in which they returned.  This will keep a running record of how long and how often students leave the classroom.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt for Open House

At Open House, students will do a scavenger hunt.  They will find things around the room and put their supplies away at the same time.

Did you put  YOUR   NAME   ON   ALL   YOUR   SUPPLIES??
1 -Put copy paper in box located in front of Mrs. Warnock’s desk.

2- Place notebook paper in box located in front of Mrs. Warnock’s desk.
3 -Put Kleenex tissues in box located beside Mrs. Warnock’s desk.
4- Place hand sanitizer in box beside Mrs. Warnock’s desk.

5- Place the dry erase markers in the drawer in front                                                                                                                            of Mrs. Warnock’s desk.

6 - Punch a hole in the plastic bag that holds your headphones and place it on the hook behind the computers.  MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE PLASTIC BAG!  3 to 4 bags per hook.

7 -Place your pencils in the RED pencil box behind Mrs. Warnock’s desk. Red is for pencils that need to be sharpened "under repair" and green is for sharpened pencils  "ready to write."

8 - Place your clipboard on a hook underneath the white board.  Homework will be placed on the clipboard every morning.  My Homework Helper will highlight the log if the work was done.

         9- Place construction paper in black box
10 - Place the dividers and zippered pencil bag inside the 3 ring binder.  Place the binder on the bottom green shelves under the Super Improvers bulletin board. 
Black drawers are under each of the 4 tables.
11 - Place composition notebook in 2nd drawer of black containers under the table with your name on it.

 12 - Place colored pencils, glue, scissors, markers, and ruler in the top drawer of the black container under the table with your name on it.

 13 -Place the blue and green folder on top of the filing cabinet
14 -Place the clorox wipes in the box in front of the filing cabinet.
15 – Get your picture taken in front of the baseball field picture.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Every morning, students will move their clothes pin to indicate whether they brought their lunch from home or  want to eat school lunch.  Lunch boxes will go into the big blue tote and will be carried to recess and then to the cafeteria.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This is my Super Improvers Wall.
When the student reaches a personalized goal (academic or behavior,) they get a sticker.  When their star has ten stickers, they get a new star.  Each color represent a new level.  The student starts out as a FAN, than becomes a Rookie, Starter, Leader, Coach, Star, MVP, Super Star, Hall of Fame, and finally a Legend!  This is part of whole brain teaching.  Check it out at

Keeping up with the Calendar

One student's job will be to update our calendar every day.  The student will tell us "Yesterday was....  Today is....  Tomorrow will be....."  The correct date will be added to our calendar, and the student will write the date out two different ways (using numbers and using words.)   The class will be counting up to the one hundredth day of school using ten's frames.  Again our helper will add a dot to a ten frame and then write out today's number in expanded form (numerically and using place value words.)  Finally, the student leader will share our current season and weather condition with the class.  All of the dates are organized in a pocket chart (months, special occasions, and patterns are located in pockets on the back of this chart.)  The question of the day will be our writing prompt each morning.