Saturday, August 25, 2012

Social Studies Review - Part 2 for Unit 1

Students should be able to compare urban, suburban, and rural areas as well as farms and forests.  Students should be able to define a rule, a leader, and a group and give an example of each.  They should also understand what takes place in a neighborhood, a community, and a market.

Social Studies Review Part 1: Geography

Your student needs to know what state, country, and continent in which he lives.  Bonus questions will include:  How many oceans and continents are in the world?  Can you name the 7 continents and the 4 oceans?  Students will need to know how to read a grid on a map (Column A row 3...what is at that location.)  They also need to be able to read a calendar to find important dates.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What your child wants as a reward.

I wanted to  list their reward items exactly like they wrote them down for me.  (I did translate a few of them.)

Felld day  (Field Day)
Mlfee day (Movie Day)
Lego Day
Chrofey (Trophy)
Caler day (color day)
fotbas shrt (football shirt)
Pres Bos  (prize box)

  Snekr Bar (Snickers)
  emunems (M&M's)
  Butrthengrs (Butterfingers)
  Jole Ranchrs
  Mike and Ike
  titse ro (tootsie rolls)

  i lut sturl rs legos (little Star Wars legos)
  toy car
  army men
  fake bat
  hot wells (Hot Wheels)
  toy modrsikl (toy motorcycle)

Toys (small)
  stiky frogs
  squshee frogs
  stikards (stickers)
  small footballs
  earasers (erasers)
  wistels (whistles)
  slap braslits (slap bracelets)
  yo yos
  gloa in the dark stars (glow in the dark stars)

  Batman cusum (Batman costume)
  Share Day
  Pesa Day (pizza day)
  ice crem day
  snowball makein machin
  sports day / outside time
  bord game day (board games.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wish List

TZ label tape 1/4" to 3/4" for a brother label maker

Carbon paper (When I write you a  note, I need to keep a copy of it.  I have cute sports notepads that I'd like to use.)

To Do or List pads - I like the long skinny pads with numbers on them.

How to play "Colorful Numbers"

How do you play "colorful numbers" to help your child learn place value?  Simply call out a 3-digit number.  Your son has to write the number, putting the hundreds place in purple, the tens place in green, and the ones place in red.  Starting tomorrow, they will learn to write a 4-digit number and will write the thousands place digit in blue.

Update and important dates

PTO Meeting is this Thursday, August 23rd.

SCS picnic is this Friday, August 25th from noon to 3 pm.

Please click on the links to the right entitled "Homework" and "I can."  Both of these have been updated to reflect the current week.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Details about how you can Volunteer

Volunteer Information

#1 – Makingcopies                                                                                                      
Please take a ream of copy paper from the bottom of the green shelf.  (There is a white box full of white copy paper near the air conditioner underneath the textbooks.)

#2 – FilingPapers                                                                                                            
 Students write their # in the upper right hand corner of their paper.  The blue box that stands up beside the Super Improver’s Wall has numbered slots.  Please file paper work in the numbered slots.

#3 – FilingPapers for Portfolios                                                                                                         
I have papers that I want to keep throughout the year.  These need to be filed in the 3-ring binders.  Simply punch holes in the papers and place them in the 3 ring binder (most current will be on the top.)  Please file papers with the post it“portfolio” in there.
#4 – Take Home Tuesday Folder                                                                                                 

Every week, the green folders must be stuffed with notes from the office, my newsletter, and the previous week’s work.  Please take the black box that contains the green folders (This should be located on top of the green shelf under the Super Improver’s Wall.) and pull each student’s work from the blue box.

Keep at Home side should include notes from the office, my newsletter, and the work you pull from the blue box.    

I will place the weekly progress report and items that need to be returned to school on the other side

Visitation Guidelines

Visitation Guidelines
I am glad that you want to come and visit our classroom.
I do have a few guidelines that I would like for you to follow.

#1 –Remember that I am the disciplinarian.
I am trying to reinforce our 5 classroom rules and give “sticks” tostudents who break them.  This helps the student remember and the parent know where their child can improve.

#2 – Simply observe unless I ask you to help.                                                                      
I want students to think for themselves and problem solve.  Although,there may be a time to step in and offer assistance, I ask that you look to me for the green light before helping a student.

#3 – Respect the learning environment.                                                                           
Some students are easily distracted. If I feel like you are distracting the class from learning, I will respectfully ask you to leave the classroom. I realize that when you first enter the classroom, students will be distracted.  However, if your presence continues to take away from learning; it is in everyone’s best interest to take away the distraction. 

Behavior Plan (Baseball Season)

“Excellent”stamp = Hall of Fame (earn 3 cents) 
“Great” Stamp = MVP (earn 2cents)
“Good” Job Stamp = All-star (earn 1cent)
“Nice”  Stamp= Team Player (no reward/ noconsequence)
“Keep Trying” Stamp = Time Out(Warning)
“Needs Improvement” Stamp = Foul (2minutes ofpracticing rule at recess)
“” =Benched (2minutes of practicing rule at recess and silent lunch)
“Pleasecall me” =Out of the Game (referral to see Mrs. White and parent contact.)                                  

*In 2ndgrade, we will be learning about counting money and making change.  Students will receive a reward of “playmoney” for behavior.  Money will be keptin a plastic bag on their clipboard – they can exchange 5 pennies for a nickel,2 nickels for a dime, 2 dimes and a nickel for a quarter, and 4 quarters for adollar.  I will have a monthlystore.  Students can spend the money theyearn at the store.  This week they wrotedown what they would like for rewards. (I will post this list on my blog and use their phonetic spellings. J)            

During thefirst 9 weeks, it is baseball season.  Itold the boys they have 3 strikes and they are “out” or clicked down.  Each time they receive a stick it is awarning.  After 3 sticks they are clickeddown.  This may sound like a lot ofchances (it would take 12 sticks to have an office referral); however, thisallows me to be consistent and EXTREMELY STRICT.  I don’t hesitate to give them a stick if theyare breaking one of our 5 rules. 
Rule #1 –Follow Directions Quickly (purple stick)
Rule #2 –Raise your hand for permission to speak (red stick)
Rule #3 –Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat (blue stick)
Rule #4 –Make smart choices (green stick)
Rule #5 –Make your dear teacher happy (yellow stick)
*If anyonein the room is crying or sad, then I am sad. A yellow stick will be given to students who pout or who cause anotherstudent to be upset or cry.  This helpsme enforce the zero tolerance policy for bullying, and it helps me redirecttemper tantrums or meltdowns. 

Click it Up– Students have an opportunity to click it up. At 9 am we transition to small groups. Any student who did not receive any sticks from 1 pm the previous day to9 am the current day can click it up to All Stars.  At 10:30 we transition to recess/ lunch.  Any student who did not receive any sticksfrom 9 to 10:30 can click it up to MVP (or another level if they receivedsticks earlier in the day.)  At 1:00 we wrapup and check –out before we transition to small groups again.  Students who did not receive any sticks from10:30 to 1:00 can click up to Hall of Fame (or another level if they receivedsticks earlier in the day.) 
I will stillwrite down how many sticks they received on their agenda.  I will write the rule and how many times theybroke it.  The stamp indicates theiroverall behavior, but the sticks help you know the details of the day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to use your bookmark timer.

I bought the bookmark timers as a homework tool.  The cost to replace one is $10.  Each child is responsible for taking care of his bookmark and returning it at the end of the year.  There are three ways students will use the timer.  First, students need to enjoy reading and talking about books for at least 20 minutes every day.  The timer can count up the minutes.  Second, students need to see how many high frequency words they can read in 3 minutes.  The timer can count down those minutes.  At the end of the 3 minutes, you would write down the number of words read correctly.  Third, students need to practice math fast facts.  Each student has a pack of flash cards.  Students can choose to count down 3 minutes and write down how many addition (or subtraction) facts they answered correctly, or students can count up and record the time for completing the entire set of flash cards as well as how many they answered correctly.