Monday, May 27, 2013

Field Day - May 24th

 Hurdle Relay races

 Fill the milk jug with water - relay race

 Find marbles with your toes

 Students would race a scooter through the cones, pick up a basketball and make a basketball and race back - while being soaked with a water hose.
Wet pants relay...

 Sack Races
 Let's dance!

Bubble Festival - May 22nd

 Grades K-5 had a Bubble Festival on Wednesday, May 22nd.  We made bubble windows, bubbles in bubbles, colorful bubbles, and bubble foam.  The students used a whisk to create bubble foam.  Students tried to make the tallest tower of bubbles by using a straw and blowing.  My tables (and floor) have never been so clean!

Cooking/ Nutrition

Victoria Habitzruther came and helped the boys make sushi.  (Rice kripies with Swedish fish and wrapped in a fruit roll-up, as well as rice krispies rolled around twizzlers - wrapped in a fruit roll-up.)

 Sharon McIntyre came and helped the boys make fruit kabobs with apples, grapes, cheese, and marshmallows. 

 Kathy Mann helped the boys make banana butterflies and caterpillars - with bananas, apples, grapes, craisins, and pretzels.

Volcanoes and Butterlfies

SCS is an inquiry based school.  The last few weeks of school, students decided what they wanted to learn about.  We studied volcanoes and had an experiment day.  The 2-liter coke with mentos spewed the highest.  The water, vinegar, and baking soda mixtures had to fill the bottle, before they would spill over the sides. 

We purchased caterpillars from The Butterfly Lady.  They ate and attached themselves to the top of little lids.  They formed chrysalis.  I pinned the chrysalis to the top of our butterfly net.  We watched and waited.  The chrysalis began to shake and out emerged a butterfly.  We let the butterflies fly free in the courtyard.

Library Field Trip May 18th

We walked to the Spartanburg Public Library on Wednesday, May 18th.  After receiving a tour of the library, we listened to a story or two and danced.  It was a beautiful day!  We enjoyed a picnic lunch and everyone checked out a book before we walked back to school.

Play and Picnic - March 19th

The 2nd graders visited the Chapman Cultural Center on Tuesday, March 19th.  We watched the ballet Peter and the Wolf and enjoyed a picnic lunch at Barnett Park.