Wednesday, December 17, 2014

big Ideas and Tests Dec 15-19


MAP for Math - Monday - December 15th at 11:30

Big Ideas and Tests
ELA - Spelling Test Thursday, December 18th - car, bar, store, chore, nerve, serve, stir, shirt, girl, bird, fur, hurt, turn, purse, all.  We will review singular and plural nouns, action verbs, nouns, the /ow/ sound and the sounds the y makes.  We will continue to work on reading fluency and comprehension.  

Math - Multiply by 2's, 5's, and 10's - Review Quiz on Monday, December 15th.  Test on Tuesday, December 16th.  The rest of the week we will work on a Benchmark assessment of what we have learned the first semester of school.  

Listening and Learning - The Human Body - Cells, Tissues, Organs, the Digestive System, and the Excretory System.  

Science - Chapter 6 - Lesson 1 Quiz on Wednesday - Physical Change versus Chemical Change.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests December 8th- 12th

MAP test on reading - Monday - December 8th -11:30 am
  (MAP test on math will be Monday, December 15th and 11:30)

ELA:  Spelling Test Friday - December 12th- moon, yawn, hawk, spoiled, spool, oil, destroy, crawl, cartoon, causes, enjoy, vault, cowboy, coin, haunted.  We will work on printing neatly (Handwriting without Tears.)  This week we will review verbs, proper and common nouns, plural nouns, and the /er/ sound.  We will start a new reader and continue to work on comprehension and fluency.  

Math- Fantastic Five Quiz - Wednesday - December 10th  - Students will continue to practice multiplying by 2's, 5's, and 10's and will take a review quiz on Friday, December 12th.

Listening and Learning - Greek Myths - We will finish reading our stories and have a Domain Assessment on Thursday - December 11th -
Key words in this domain include: resist, skilled, features, aimlessly, proof, Mount Olympus, labyrinth, flattering, unraveled, arachnids, retrieve, amusing, spectators, sanctuary, myths, insisted, guidance, Demeter, Persephone, Zeus, Athena, Prometheus, Pandora, Hercules, Arachne, Icarus  Study using Quizlet

Science- Test on Tuesday, December 9th - Looking at Matter Chapter 5 
Properties of matter
Balance, ruler
Solid, Liquid, Gas

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests December 1-5

Big Ideas for this week:

ELA - We are wrapping up Unit 3.  On Friday, December 5th -students will have a reading comprehension assessment, a dictation assessment (they have to circle the word that is called out), and a grammar assessment (identify verbs, proper nouns, common nouns - change singular nouns into plural nouns.)    Students will also write a personal narrative.

Math - Chapter 6 - Multiplying by 2's and 5's.  Practice skip counting by 2's and 5's.  

Listening and Learning - Greek Myths - Arachne the Weaver, Daedalus and Icarus, Theseus and the Minotaur, Hercules, and a day to pause and review.  Students will have to put the story of Demeter and Persephone in sequential order for a grade  

Science- Chapter 5 - Solids, Liquids, and Gases - Quiz on Solids Tuesday, December 3rd (just 4 questions) Quiz on liquids and gases on Thursday, December 4th. (just 4 questions) 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movember - Raising $ for Relay for Life - one mustache at a time

Inaugurating our new Officers

Avery Gilley - Mayor

Kingsten Thompson - Mayor

Logan Green - Sheriff

Walker Nunes - Deputy

Activities in the classroom

Measuring around the room

Partnering up to do math during IAT

WEC visit - Water Matters - Pretending to be a solid, liquid, and gas

WEC - sort into solids, liquids and gasses

What's the best way to get oil out of water?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests for November 17-21

ELA - Spelling Test - Friday, November 21st - I will say a word, but students have to spell the antonym or synonym for that word.  
You say:
They write:
Write the antonym for over.
Write the antonym for silence.
Write the antonym for close.
Write the antonym for scared.
Write the antonym for ugly.
Write the synonym for subtract
Write the synonym for final.
Write the synonym for rival.
Write the synonym for bandit.
Write the synonym for street.
We will talk about the different spellings for the long u /ue/ sound and the /aw/ sound.  Students will learn how to make a word plural (when to add s or es.) We will also continue to review antonyms, synonyms, reading fluency and comprehension.

Math - The boys are very excited about the new multiplication and division chapter.  This week the focus is adding equal groups or dividing things into equal groups.  A math review quiz will be given Friday, November 21st.

Listening and Learning - Students will take a domain assessment on Ancient Greek Civilizations Tuesday, November 18th.  Key words include: conquest, messenger, invader, debated, democracy, marathon, philosopher, tribute, architecture, assembly, channel, independently., marvelous, permanently, tame, Athena, Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Plato, Socrates, Mount Olympus, Athens, Sparta, Crete, the Olympics and the Parthenon. On Wednesday, we will begin listening to stories about Greek Mythology - Mount Olympus, Prometheus and Pandora, Demeter and Persephone, and Arachne the Weaver.    

Social Studies _ Campaign Projects and Speeches are due Monday, November 17th.  Candidates running for Sheriff will give their speech on Monday.  Candidates running for Mayor will give their speech on Tuesday.  Elections will be held on Wednesday.  The government test on Unit 6 will be Wednesday, November 19th.  

Friday, October 31, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests November 3-7

CoGAT testing everyday from 8:30 to 10/ 10:30

ELA - SPELLING test - Friday, November 7th -  kn’: knotted, knitting, knocked    wr’: wringing, wronged    wh’: whipped, whine   qu’: quitting, quacked   Tricky Word: all   Finish Published Writing "When I Grow Up"

Math - Every afternoon during small group  - our focus will be on Chapter 4 - Bar Models - How to read a word problem and determine whether we know two parts and are adding to solve for the whole OR  a whole and a part and will subtract to find the other part.  Chapter Review Quiz and/ or Bar Model Test Friday, November 7th

Listening and Learning - Ancient Greek Civilization - Athens- olive trees and democracy. Marathon, students will compare two Greek gods, OR Athens and Sparta, OR Ancient Greece with Greece today.  

Social Studies - Unit 6 Government - vocabulary includes: government, capital, taxes, rights versus responsibilities, citizen, law, vote, election, and ballot.  He will learn to read pictographs and resolve conflicts.  Campaign Project Due November 17th.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests October 27-31

ELA - spelling words- page, germ, digit, gray, space, face, cell, center, and carpet SPELLING TEST will be Friday, October 31st.  We will talk about the different ways to spell the /oe/ sound.  Students will learn about nouns.  We are reading and answering comprehension questions using a non-fiction reader “Kids Excel.”

Math- students will solve addition and subtraction word problems using bar models.  Students will compare sets using bar models.

Listening and Learning - Ancient Greek Civilizations - Key words in this domain include: Conquest, messenger, invader, debated, democracy, marathon, philosopher, tribute, architecture, assembly, channel, independently, marvelous, permanently, tame.
This week we will read about The Ancient Greeks, Mount Olympus, The Olympic Games, and All for Sparta. 

Science - Habitat Test- Chapter 3 - Thursday, October 30th.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests October 13-17

ELA- Spelling Test - Friday, October 17th - sister, letter, expert, born, sports, short, mark, started, backyard, some.  Dictation assessment and words correct per minute assessment (fluency test) Monday, October 13th.  Reading Comprehension test Tuesday, October 14th.  Students will begin reading non-fiction words and discovering different spellings for the same /a/ sound.

Math- Students will begin to use bar models to solve addition and subtraction words problems.  Students will use bar models to compare sets.  Fantastic Five #3 Quiz Thursday, October 16th.

Listening and Learning - Students will talk about the Chinese New Year.  Students must be able to label a simple map of Early Asia.  Domain Assessment for Early Asian Civilizations is Wednesday, October 15th.  Students must know the meaning of the following words:  fertile, Hinduism, Buddhism, Indus Rive, sacred, Pious, Diwali, conquer, Yellow River, Yangtze river, defense, source, represents, unjust, durable, and eager.

Science- Chapter 3 - habitats - Students will learn about rain forest, woodland forest, hot deserts, cold deserts (arctic tundra), oceans, and ponds.  Students will be give a quiz on Ch 3 Lesson 1 Tuesday, October 14th, and a quiz on Ch 3 Lesson 2 Thursday, October 16th.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Smokey the Bear - Fire Prevention Month

The fire department came and told the story of Smokey the Bear.

Every student was able to come up and give Smokey a hug.  Each student also received a comic book about Smokey.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests October 6-10

Big Ideas and Tests - October 6-10

FIELD TRIP TO THE GREENVILLE ZOO - Thursday, October 9th from 9:15 am - 1 pm

ELA- Spelling Test Friday, October 10th:  Contractions- it is=it's, that is=that's, she is=she's, is not =isnt', are not=aren't, was not=wasn't, I will =I'll, you will =you'll, she will- she'll, and their.  This week we will focus on the bossy "r" - or, er, ur, ar words.  Students will write a book report and continue to follow the writing process.  Antonyms and quotation marks will be reviewed.  Students will continue to work on reading fluency and comprehension.

Math- Subtraction with and without regrouping TEST will be Friday- October 10th.  Students will continue to practice subtracting 3 digit numbers. This week we will discuss regrouping across the zeros.  

Listening and Learning- We will continue to study Early Asian Civilizations.  This week we will read about the Importance of Silk, The Great Wall of China, Confucius, and The Magic Paintbrush.  Students must be able to label a map of Early Asia (an example will come home tomorrow.)  Please review the meaning of the following words:  fertile, Indus River, Hinduism, sacred, pious, Diwali, Buddhism, conquer, Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, defense, source, represents, unjust, durable, and eager.  

Science- Chapter 2 - Looking at Habitats - How habitats change - drought, extinction, endangered,  and fossils.  Students will have a Quiz on Lesson 1 Tuesday,  Lesson 2 Wednesday, and a chapter review quiz Friday.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

WEC "All Around the World" Animal presentation

What do all animals need?

                                                                 Food and Water
Space and air

Charlie- the box turtle

A Leopard Gecko

                                                        A Tiger Salamander

A Dragon Bearded Lizard

An alligator head

                                                          Logan tries on a Walrus tusk

                                                          It's heavy!