Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests Sept 2-5


ELASpelling Tests- Friday, September 5th - bandit, shelf, sprang, munch, picnic, think, wish, drift, box, and she.  Tricky words, double letter spellings, two-syllable words, and punctuation marks are topics we will cover in class.  

WRITING - Neatness, finger spacing, capitalization and punctuation.

Math - CHAPTER 1 TEST - Thursday, September 4th (Counting and comparing numbers to 1000)  FANTASTIC 5 QUIZ - Friday, September 5th (The problems come directly from the homework.)  

Listening and Learning - Insect Domain - INSECT PROJECT IS DUE SEPTEMBER 16TH.  Grasshopper Day is September 9th.  We will discuss the life cycle of insects, what makes an insect an insect, and social insects.  Vocabulary:  social, solitary, abdomen, antennae, exoskeleton, thorax, metamorphosis, molt, pupa, colonies, and insects.

Social Studies - Unit 2 - Places Near and Far - Do you know where you live?  What state, country, and continent do you live on?  Can you find the poles, equator and hemispheres on a globe?  What is a landform?  What is a peninsula?  What is a lake?  What is an island?  What is a valley?  Can you find something using intermediate directions (Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, Southeast)  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests August 25-29

ELA- Spelling Test on number words (20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90, and 100)  
Daily Reading Comprehension Assessments and Word Assessment

Math- Place Value - reading, writing, and representing numbers to 1000
Comparing numbers to 1000,  Placing numbers in order greatest to least or least to greatest.  Timed math test for doubles facts.

Listening and Learning - Tall Tales - we will read Paul Bunyan, Pecos BillJohn Henry, and Casey Jones.  DOMAIN ASSESSMENT (L&L TEST) on Fairy Tales and Tall Tales FRIDAY, AUGUST 29TH at 11:30 am - Vocabulary words to study:  exaggeration, legend, enchanted, frontier, adventures, curious, fortune, sorrowful, admiration, tame, feats, tracks, purse, oxen, and challenge.  Stories include the 4 tall tales above plus the fairy tales from last week (The Fisherman and His WifeEmperor's New Clothes, and Beauty and the Beast)

Social Studies- Unit 1 - Review group, leader, rule, neighborhood, community, grid, location, globe, map, compass rose, urban area, suburb, rural, market.  
Quiz- Tuesday, August 26th - Reading a Map
Project- Tuesday, August 26th- Create a flip book (urban, rural, suburb) in class
Quiz- Wednesday, August 27th - Urban, Rural, Suburb

Writing - Neatness, when to capitalize letters, and punctuation is our focus.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Big Ideas and Test August 18-22

MAP TESTING for Reading will be TUESDAY FROM 11:30 TO 1 PM.  Make sure he gets plenty of sleep Monday night and eats a good breakfast Tuesday morning.  As Tony Horton say, "Do you best and forget the rest."  It's just a snapshot picture of what he retained from 1st grade.

ELA- Review some sounds that letters make, reading comprehension practice, dictation (I read a word and he circles it) and chaining (focus will be on neat handwriting as well as changing words to make new words) SPELLING TEST ON THE NUMBER WORDS ELEVEN TO NINETEEN.

Listening and Learning - Fairy Tales and Tall Tales - The Fisherman's Wife,  The Emperor's New Clothes, and Beauty and the Beast are our stories this week.  VOCABULARY: exaggeration, legend, enchanted, frontier, adventures, curious, fortune, sorrowful, admiration, tame, feats, tracks, purse, oxen, challenge.  Quiz on Friday

Writing - We will finish up Summer Fun prompt for publishing and continue 10 minute journal writing time.  Our focus will be on NEATNESS,  CAPITAL LETTERS, AND PUNCTUATION.

Math - Daily Timed Fluency Test for addition and subtraction.  
Read, write, and recognize numbers to 1000
 count by 1's, 10's, and 100's to 1000.  
Write numbers in 
Standard form             423
Word form                     four hundred twenty-three
Expanded form            400+20+3

Social Studies - Unit 1 - Geography - Vocabulary words: neighborhood, community, globe, world map, compass rose, symbol, grid, location, urban, suburb, rural.  Every student needs to know where he lives - city, state, country, and continent.  Daily Class grade for worksheets.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SPS Staff Team Building

The staff at Spartanburg Prep had a team building day hosted by GO GAME.  Here's a video with some of the antics from the day.

Big Ideas August 13-15

ELA:  spelling test on the # words zero to nine, everyday till Friday OR until they make 100.
This will help students practice heading a paper, work on handwriting, and show me if they remember how to spell number words from first grade.  (This will be counted as a quiz grade for ELA)

WRITING: Students will write a paragraph entitled "Summer Fun" that will be placed in their portfolio.

MATH:  25 addition problems- daily math challenge so students can demonstrate addition fluency.  Students will play math card games to review making ten, even and odd, and place value.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  vocabulary words: group, leader, and rule.
"All About Me" posters will be presented and hung in the hallway.

  Other than that our focus will be learning procedures, routines, and rules.  I will use the S.W.I.M. PowerPoint (so they will stay SAFE, be WELL prepared, INCREDIBLY respectful, and MAKE wise choices) and a WBT PowerPoint (Whole Brain Teaching) as visual aids with big gestures to review rules and discuss routines.  

"What are the 5 classroom rules?"
"What is a group?  Can you give me an example?"
"What is a leader?"  Can you give me an example?"
"What is a rule?"  Can you give me an example?"

Play the math cards with your child at home.  READ everyday for 20 minutes.  TALK about your child's day.  

I'm looking forward to getting to know my new students this week.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Open House

Monday - August 11th - 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Bring your favorite baseball cap
Bring your supplies
Bring your smile