Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movember - Raising $ for Relay for Life - one mustache at a time

Inaugurating our new Officers

Avery Gilley - Mayor

Kingsten Thompson - Mayor

Logan Green - Sheriff

Walker Nunes - Deputy

Activities in the classroom

Measuring around the room

Partnering up to do math during IAT

WEC visit - Water Matters - Pretending to be a solid, liquid, and gas

WEC - sort into solids, liquids and gasses

What's the best way to get oil out of water?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Ideas and Tests for November 17-21

ELA - Spelling Test - Friday, November 21st - I will say a word, but students have to spell the antonym or synonym for that word.  
You say:
They write:
Write the antonym for over.
Write the antonym for silence.
Write the antonym for close.
Write the antonym for scared.
Write the antonym for ugly.
Write the synonym for subtract
Write the synonym for final.
Write the synonym for rival.
Write the synonym for bandit.
Write the synonym for street.
We will talk about the different spellings for the long u /ue/ sound and the /aw/ sound.  Students will learn how to make a word plural (when to add s or es.) We will also continue to review antonyms, synonyms, reading fluency and comprehension.

Math - The boys are very excited about the new multiplication and division chapter.  This week the focus is adding equal groups or dividing things into equal groups.  A math review quiz will be given Friday, November 21st.

Listening and Learning - Students will take a domain assessment on Ancient Greek Civilizations Tuesday, November 18th.  Key words include: conquest, messenger, invader, debated, democracy, marathon, philosopher, tribute, architecture, assembly, channel, independently., marvelous, permanently, tame, Athena, Zeus, Apollo, Hermes, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Plato, Socrates, Mount Olympus, Athens, Sparta, Crete, the Olympics and the Parthenon. On Wednesday, we will begin listening to stories about Greek Mythology - Mount Olympus, Prometheus and Pandora, Demeter and Persephone, and Arachne the Weaver.    

Social Studies _ Campaign Projects and Speeches are due Monday, November 17th.  Candidates running for Sheriff will give their speech on Monday.  Candidates running for Mayor will give their speech on Tuesday.  Elections will be held on Wednesday.  The government test on Unit 6 will be Wednesday, November 19th.