Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Party

Students dressed up as their favorite storybook.  I loved Charlotte's Web.

Several students (and staff members) dressed up like Alice in Wonderland.

We made bats, watched the Magic School Bus video about bats, made snacks that looked like bats, and discussed bat facts.  

Book Report Projects


Socratic Discussion - Homework Policy

Students answered three questions and discussed their thoughts about homework.  
Why is homework important?
How much homework should be given?
Should homework be graded?

Rome Projects

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Flood SC with Love Project

SPS parents donated enough supplies to fill up over 180 care bags for the flood victims in our state.  Students wrote encouraging notes to place in the bags.  

Water bottles, cleaning supplies, extra food, and hygiene items were all loaded up and taken to a trailer truck headed to the mid and lower parts of our state. 

Showing we care for the people in our state.  

Why put a colony on Mars?

On Thursday, October 4th, our class discussed placing a colony on Mars.  In 2010, President Obama said that NASA's next venture would be to explore and land on Mars and hopefully place a colony there by 2030.  Last week a grad student, Lujendra Ojha, found evidence of flowing water on Mars.  So would you go to Mars?  Why would we put a colony on Mars?  In the picture above, I mapped out some of their questions and answers.  

Reading Award for October 2nd - over 200 minutes!