Saturday, May 23, 2015

Solar Powered robots

The boys had a great time racing and chasing their little solar powered robots.  

Problem solving - working a 1000 piece puzzle

After completing a study on the Civil War, students were given an opportunity to work a 1000 piece jigzaw puzzle.  Students shared strategies and are working as a team to solve it before June 2nd!

Science Project

In second grade, students take home two plants.  The control plant is given water, space, and sunlight.  The variable plant is to be treated differently in only one way.  Students created a hypothesis on what would make a plant grow more.  Students observed and gathered data.  On Friday, May 22nd, students brought in their data and created their science project poster to show their observations and conclusions.  Several students tried to give their variable plant Gatorade. Fertilizer caused a plant to grow more leaves but not grow as tall as the control plant.   

Measuring lesson - special snack

Students have learned about food safety and how we use measurement in everyday life when cooking.  Today, students followed a recipe and made a special snack with 2 tsp M&M's, 3 tsp raisins, 3 tsp marshmallows, 1/2 cup of corn chex, and 1/2 cup of rice chex.  

Talent Show

A comedy routine by Avery and Owen

An incredible dance routine to "Thriller" by Cory (hoping to have a youtube link next week :)  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Volcanic Eruption

Robot Race

Living Wax Museum

Today, the 5th grade students presented a "Living Wax Museum."  It was so cool to walk around and see students dressed up in character presenting the historic figure of their choice.

Volcanic Eruption Experiments

 Every student got to drop baking soda into a volcano full of vinegar and dishing soap.

 Mr. Green and Mrs. Warnock dropped 10 Mentos into 7 different types of soda.  Students made predictions about which soda would spew out the most liquid.  What do you think?  Coke, Mello Yellow, Mountain Dew, Orange Fanta, Grape Fanta, Sprite,  or Tonic Water?

Acting out a Thunderstorm

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Calendar Events from May 18th till the end of the year

There are a lot of events coming up, so grab your calendar and mark these dates and times

May 18-22 - Book Fair - Our class will walk through and make a wish list (or purchase items) on Monday at 11:30

May 22nd - Spring Carnival- Please be looking for an e-mail or link to sign up and volunteer to work our 2nd grade booth. (Typically it's Plinko)

Wednesday -May 20th - Volcanic eruption volunteers needed from 11:30 to 12:30

Thursday - May 21st - MATH QUIZ ON graphs

Friday - May 22nd - MATH TEST on graphs

Tuesday - May 26th - 12:45 - Ice Cream Dream Party for winning attendance blitz and Jinks the Robot Show from 11:30-12:15

Wednesday - May 27th - Snow Cones for $1 and last "store" using reward $ - WE NEED VOLUNTEERS BETWEEN 11:30 AND 12:30.  *Mrs. Warnock's last day this school year.  (My husband is having surgery on May 28th.)

Thursday - May 28th - Field Day

Friday - May 30th - Monday June 1st - Tuesday - June 2nd - ALL OF THESE ARE HALF DAYS.

ELA - Focus will be on learning cursive writing using Kick Start Cursive and reviewing grammar skills, spelling, and writing.

MATH- Focus is finishing up with graphs and geometry. - End of Year Assessment will be given as well.

INQUIRY -BASED LEARNING- Volcanoes - Cooking

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Building a Solar Powered Robot

I'm so thankful for our generous PTO.  A parent found a website that sold solar powered robot kits.  The PTO graciously bought 12 kits for my classroom.  The boys partnered up and with the help of some parents assembled the robots.  Stay tuned, we are waiting for a sunny day to race them.